Florida Letter: Marijuana is a benevolent plant

July 2, 2009 – Last year, the Florida Medical Examiners Commission released a report on autopsies performed in 2007. Not a single fatality was due to marijuana (Damien Cave, The New York Times, “Legal Drugs Kill Far More Than Illegal, Florida,” June 14, 2008).

I am appalled that Port Townsend Police use such draconian measures as to arrest the local folks who have an amount of marijuana when we all know that marijuana is a God-given natural plant that creates benevolence for the ill and infirm.

I had the poignant experience to have a 40-year-old client who eventually died of lung cancer brought on by the legal cigarette trade. That nicotine, which has been known to be laced with all kinds of toxic substances, including asbestos and arsenic, is a horrible addictive drug that kills in the most disgusting way. It also just stinks. Marijuana is a happy plant.

Let’s inform the local police that this is Port Townsend, the city of dreams and creativity, and repression never works. Here in Port Townsend, we have more important things to do with the police force. They can teach the children how to help others. The times they are a-changing. It is time to stop the use of senseless conflict as an instrument of repression.

By the way, marijuana helps the mitigation of the pain of cancer. We ought to be handing out lids of pot for all the suffering people in our community who want a safer, gentler pain relief rather than the pharmaceuticals that have a laundry list of contraindications. We live across the way from one of the largest depleted uranium containment centers on the planet. It is time to have greater discernment of where the real problems lie.

Taking hemp/marijuana out of its illegal status would actually bring our economy into a more stable situation. Hemp oil makes your skin feel like silk; it has the same ratio of essential fatty acids as the human body needs. The hemp seed protein is far superior to that of any animal product, and it grows on marginal lands and actually heals the earth.

ROBIN SHARAN-Port Townsend. Source.

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