Facebook Group Supports Hemp Reform

May 8, 2010 – The movement to legalize hemp has added Facebook to its arsenal. Last month, hemp reform advocate Grant Wallace launched george washington hempI Want to Grow Hemp Like George Washington,” a Facebook group designed to educate people about hemp’s history and encouraging them to take action against laws that make it illegal to grow hemp in the United States. The group sites George Washington, who grew hemp on his Virginia farm, as an advocate. “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed,” Washington is quoted as saying. “Sow it everywhere.”

Hemp provides strong, durable fiber that’s ideal for many household materials, from fabric to insulation, but it’s illegal to grow the plant in the United States because it’s related to marijuana. The Facebook group posts news stories about hemp reform and lets users share opinions on the state of hemp production in the United States. The group also tries to connect hemp producers to customers interested in buying hemp products, from shirts and handbags to medicine.

by Robyn Griggs Lawrence.  Source.

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