Dude, Where's My Hemp?

Hemp activists call for “beer summit”

August 13, 2009-What happens when a hemp activist has his stash DSCN2960confiscated by officers at the U.S. Capitol? He calls for a “beer summit,” of course.

A Vote Hemp legislative assistant said Capitol Police seized his samples of industrial hemp fiber on Monday at a Rayburn Building checkpoint. Ben Droz said he was going to use the fiber, along with hemp seeds, hemp hurd and a hemp cinder block, for a scheduled presentation to congressional staffers on the Hill.

“It’s ironic that the very items I was using to clear up confusion became the subject of contraband and were confiscated,” Droz said.

The hemp activist said officers took the seeds because no food is allowed in the Capitol, and wouldn’t return the fiber, even though they knew it was “just hemp” and has no munchie-craving properties. The officers eventually gave back the block and the hurd, but Droz told Roll Call that when they refused to return the fiber he gave up and left because he was going to be late for a meeting.

Droz said this was an example of the confusion between industrial hemp and marijuana, a “distant cousin also from the Cannabis family.” So now what? Vote Hemp wants its fiber returned. Oh, and they’d also like a beer at the White House.

“We hope for the return of Vote Hemp’s property, an apology, and perhaps, a Capitol Hill beer summit or Congressional hearings to discuss our differences with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA),” said Vote Hemp President Eric Steenstra.

That sounds all well and good. Just leave the stash at home.


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