Drug Czar Admits He Was Wrong About Medical Marijuana

August 14, 2009 – Last month, Obama’s drug czar raised eyebrows by claiming that “marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.” Though not an unusual remark for a drug czar to make, the comment came as a surprise given the new administration’s stated policy of respecting state medical marijuana laws.

Well, it looks like someone in the administration had a little talk with the drug czar, because he’s already backtracking: Asked if he regretted what he said, Kerlikowske said, “Sometimes you make a mistake and you work very hard to correct it. That happens. I should’ve clearly said ‘smoked’ marijuana and then gone on to say that this is clearly a question that should be answered by the medical community.” [KOMO News]

Of course, this is still utter nonsense given the abundance of scientific evidence that medical marijuana works. But it’s remarkable to hear the drug czar acknowledge making “a mistake.” As false and obnoxious as his corrected statement may be, it’s nice to know that the word “mistake” is in his vocabulary. Source.

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