Do You Hope Your Child Inhales Pot Instead of Drinking Alcohol?

August 28, 2009 – If you had to pick between two vices for your child, would you rather he take a toke of marijuana or guzzle a beer or two? That is the question many moms 0d738d0f3c9af5d5_potare debating these days. As alcohol related deaths continue to make headline news, many pot proponents are advocating the legalization of the leafy drug to help curb the use of alcohol. In the book Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?, the authors make the argument that the effects of the illegal substance are less harmful than those of alcohol.

To see what both sides argue, read more.

A forbidden drug, marijuana is often blamed for memory loss and the lack of motivation. Alcohol, which is legal on the other hand, can be faulted for a plethora of problems: cirrhosis, alcohol poisoning, reckless driving and domestic abuse. Cannabis supporters claim that the herbal treat mellows the user and has medical benefits as compared to the liquid toxins. And if legalized, the authors believe it will drive people to drink less and inevitably cause the related deaths and abuse to decline as well. The opposing camp believes when more substances are available for abuse, the more people will misuse them. They say adding pot to the mix is only going to encourage people to drink and smoke.

Since the grass (har har) is always greener, it begs the question: If pot becomes legal and everything else remains the same, would things change for the better? I can see it now… a wedding buffet with a hashish bar and hookahs at the table. The Temptations’ “Shout” may not get quite the same excitement as a circle of people singing “Kumbaya.”


2 responses to “Do You Hope Your Child Inhales Pot Instead of Drinking Alcohol?”

  1. In some cases it has a different effect,Depending on the variety of cannabis, I have personally seen a person smoke it and spotlessly clean 18 hotel rooms in almost record time,and felt good doing it,
    One the other side of the coin I have also seen people drink while they were working and the more they drank the slower they worked until they finally quit working and just finished getting drunk.

  2. Being an ex-pot smoker of 20 years, stopped because I now have kids, I have to say that never once in 20 years did I ever have the urge to drink any alcoholic beverage while smoking pot. Alcohol completely overpowers the effects of pot making it pointless. Consuming alcohol tends to make me violent and irresponsible but pot on the other hand makes me if anything overly cautious and extremely creative. In 20 years I never suffered any kinds of I’ll effects from pot but alcohol on the other hand has got me into many many difficulties. Pot may cause a very minor short term memory loss butt how many people have blacked out with no memory of the past night on alcohol?

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