Deleware – Medical Marijuana Proposal Would Legalize The Use With Strict Limits

Delaware Residents might soon be able to smoke marijuana for medical purposes. One State Senator is pushing to make it legal.

“I was willing to try whatever I needed to do in order to survive,” said Delaware resident and medical marijuana user Joe Scarborough.

He says medical marijuana wiped away years of pain and suffering. Since 1992, he has been HIV positive and has even battled cancer. Scarborough says he and others would benefit from a proposal to legalize the use of medical marijuana.

“I used marijuana before meal times in order to increase my appetite so I was better able to eat,” said Scarborough.

Under the proposal, The Department of Health and Social Services would monitor the use of medical marijuana and qualified participants would be given an identification card in order to get the goods.

Senator Margaret Rose Henry is the primary sponsor of the bill. She said, “The regulations are going to make it really rigorous. So, people who just want to get marijuana will not be able to just go purchase it. You have to have an order from a physician or practitioner.”

Opponents says people would abuse the law for recreational activities. But Scraborough says its really about a better quality of life.

“We wouldn’t deny any other medications to people who need them the way we’re denying medical marijuana for people who need it,” he said.

There will be a hearing on the proposal Wednesday June 3. Thirteen States and at least four countries already have laws allowing the medical use of marijuana.


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