Cops Forced to Return 60 Pounds of Medical Pot to Owner

January 10, 2009 – A California motorist transporting 60 pounds of marijuana_leavesmarijuana on behalf of a Venice-based medical marijuana collective, was recently stopped on the 101 Freeway, by a California Highway Patrol officer. He was charged with possession and transportation of the drug and was facing four-years in prison, if convicted. But his lawyer successfully argued that the man was within his legal rights to transport large quantities of medical marijuana, because he was part of a collective. The judge agreed and also ordered that the man’s pot be returned.

Saguro Doven, 33, was pulled over for a traffic violation, when the officer discovered marijuana bundled in individual bags, stored inside a large duffel bag. Doven’s lawyer, defense attorney Glen T. Jonas, argued that CHP Sgt. Richard Fuentes’s incorrect interrelation of state law, made him ineligible to offer expert testimony on state marijuana laws.

Feuntes incorrectly contended that the state law covering medical marijuana collectives only allowed caregivers to transport large quantities of the medicinal herb. But the law states, that members of a collective may transport marijuana on behalf of the group and are exempt from prosecution.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge William Sterling agreed with the defense and dismissed the charges against the collective member. And in a move you don’t see everyday, the judge ordered the police to return the confiscated pot to its owner. Source.

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