Cannabidiol Credited for Saving 2-Year Old

May 15th, 2015 – It may sound unorthodox, but 23-month-old Sadie Higuera is alive and thriving thanks to what her parents and doctors are calling a miracle drug known to many as Medical Hemp. Sadie’s parents turned to hemp-based cannabidiol after trying multiple different conventional drugs that were not working and giving her bad side effects.


Sadie started getting her seizures when she was 3-months old. Sadie was born with a rare genetic disorder that made her prone to hundreds of seizures a day. She and her family live in Ramona,California with Sadie’s older sisters 5-year-old Dina and 3-year-old Samantha.

Sadie’s dad says after careful research, as well as consultations with her doctors and the family pharmacist, Sadie was given a dose of Cannabinoid oil, or RSHO, from the company HempMeds.

Higuera says Sadie is:

• Alive when doctors said she should be dead.
• Almost seizure-free (Sadie has went from 300 seizures a day to nearly zero seizures).
• Experiencing a mass reduction in tumors. Tumors throughout Sadie’s body are shrinking.

“Anybody who saw her in her first 2 months of life, versus her 8 month of life, they’re like wow,” said Sadie’s father.

Sadie’s physician, Dr. Mark L. Rabe, of the Central Wellness clinic of San Diego, has been overseeing Sadie’s treatment and calls her progress remarkable. And her father agrees.

“I would say it gave Sadie a quality of life she would have never had before,” Higuera said.


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