Cancer Cure in Canada But Big Pharma Says NO WAY!

September 27, 2009 – Big pharma can’t allow cancer or any other disease to be cured because they will lose their business of drugs, pills and all the illness causing products they make and distribute to the dis-eased. Curing cancer has no benefit to them whatsoever even though the cure has been made and known for decades. Medicinal herbs, Hemp Oil and other forms of plants are known to be beneficial in eliminating cancer. Watch the video: [youtube=]

11 responses to “Cancer Cure in Canada But Big Pharma Says NO WAY!”

  1. So what they are saying is if the Drug companies cannot make Billions or even Trillions off of it then People can just DIE!! No Compassion, Just MONEY!!!!
    I Cant wait to see how God Judges THEM!!
    Enjoy burning in the Lake fellas.

  2. Those pharmisudical companies that don’t want to produce this miracle of curing cancer sould imagine, what would they do if they themselves had cancer or their mother, father, grandparent, sibiling, husdand, wife, son or daughter had it…what would they do, just let them die!!!

  3. Oh let me see science based medicine, ya we can really depend on them to find a cure for cancer! They ask for donations and government money (it must add up to 100’s of Billions of dollars) to find a cure but they have not found a cure for a single disease in a half century not even Herpes let alone cancer, something is very wrong here. Cancer is epidemic 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will have cancer in their life time. They say less people die from it and more survive. Ya, survival is a delightful way to live and it makes for a very good repeat cancer customer. If it wasn’t such a tragedy for so many people it would be a colossal joke! Think about this, if every time you took your car to the mechanic and he told you “I can’t cure the problem but it’s treatable at a cost of $80 to $150 dollars a month for the life of your car.” How long would it be before you would be bankrupt and he would be rich? Paul

  4. I can’t believe what this world has come to. Were talking about saving peoples lives and no one seems to give a shit. All these big industries are selfish just so they’re living fine and dandy in their (life) what about your after life you dumbshits that’s for an eternity this is just 100 years and nobody cares about the next generation “lets just let them deal with the problem” NO lets fix it now and save the earth and HUMANITY. JUST DECRIMINILIZE MARIJUANA ITS GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  5. a good herbalist buddy of mine here in Kenya told me that Prunas Africana will also prevent cancer if you take it regularly.
    I’ve also read accounts on Colloidal Silver CURING cancer. Of course, this stuff isn’t patentable.
    Oh, don’t forget about Raymond Royal Rife’ “Rife Machine” which cured cancer waaaay back in the 40s/50s.
    BTW, my regular intake of Neem, Moringa Olifera (when I get it!), Nettles, and Prunas Africana has, literally, made me immune from EVERYTHING.I haven’t had a doctor’s checkup since 1998 in Toronto and back then my doctor told me I was his healthiest patient — meaning he’s not making any money of me. 🙂

  6. Lets see…. Drug companies are preventing cures for cancer! You make it sound like medical researchers from universities and governments aren’t trying to find these supposed cancer cures. If your aware of these cures so would independent researchers, they must be in on the big cover up to keep drug companies in business. It’s all a big conspiracy….

  7. Someone stands to make a fucking ton of money curing cancer. Talk about 100% market share. Besides, if you get cancer, buy this drug if you think it will work.

  8. We probably do not need to think about the Pharma company executives families passing away with cancer. The cure is most likely already made and available to them.

  9. This is old news. Here’s the bottom line: If you have cancer and would like to obtain DCA to treat your disease, it’s entirely possible. There are guidelines for dosages and it’s available to buy for about $1-$1.15 per gram, which is nothing considering a gram a day is a mighty high dosage.

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