Canada’s First Expo Promoting Respectable & Responsible Use of Marijuana as Medicine-Toronto July 16-18

July 10, 2010 – Next weekend (July 16-18) the Medical Marijuana & Hemp Expo comes to Toronto (Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building Hall A.) Billed as Canada’s first expo promoting the respectable and responsible use of marijuana as medicine, the event stands as a watershed moment in Canada’s journey towards a civilized approach to how we view and support patients who chose to treat themselves with medical marijuana.

There are many activities happening at the Medical Marijuana & Hemp Expo including the World’s LARGEST Vapor Lounge (4,600 sq ft) where patients can medicate in comfort and at the same time try the Volcano, Herbal Aire plus many other vaporisers prior to purchasing them.

There will also be the Howard Dover Extravaganja Comedy Show being held at 8:30PM on Friday July 16, 2010 at the John Bassett Theatre. VIP Judge and public welcome to attend. Public must purchase ticket which are $15 with a portion of all proceeds going to compassion clubs in order for them to be able to assist those in need.

For those in search of treatment information there are seminars by Dr.Bob Melamede, Dr.Juan Sanchez-Ramos, Mary Lynn Mathre, Michael Krawitz, Dr. Alexander Sumach, Dr. Paul Hornby, David Malmo-Levine

There will also be music performances by Los Marijuanos, Rich Hardesty, Winter Springs, Sahra Indio, E.O.S. , Chief Greenbud, Jet Baker, Paul Bullock, Northern Lights, DJ Slim, Wank Punter, Real One, Errol Blackwood.

Finally, other highlights include the premiere of 5 International Documentaries, a Hemp Fashion Show, the Medical Marijuana Cup and Marijuana Music Award Ceremony.

For information on attending go here.

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