Canada: Tories Introduce Bill S-10: Harsh Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana

May 9, 2010 – Ottawa, Canada – Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have reintroduced drug legislation that includes mandatory minimum sentences of 6-9 months for growing 6 or more marijuana plants, and 12-18 months for making any hashish (including baked goods!)

Read Bill S-10 and then CLICK HERE to help stop it from becoming law.

“The bill is a disaster for Canada,” said activist Jacob Hunter of “S-10 will imprison thousands of Canadians for victimless crimes, send people to jail for growing 6 marijuana plants, making any hashish or baked goods, and a host of other offenses.”

The bill, last known as C-15, was introduced for the third time after two previous deaths, and has been criticized by scientists and drug policy critics who say it will only inflame current problems with organized crime and gangs.

“There is no evidence that S-10 will work,” Hunter said. “Indeed, every scientific study says it will fail. We know that prohibition has never worked, and we know that mandatory minimum sentences only increase the violence in our society.”

Help stop S-10 from becoming law!

Call the Conservative Party office (866) 808-8407 and let them know you oppose S-10. The science is clear, mandatory minimum sentences increase violence, fail to decrease crime, and cost billions of dollars. To top it off, the Conservatives propose these measures while crime in Canada is at a 30 year low.

Also, call

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson: (613) 995-1547

Conservative Senate Leader: 1-800-267-7362

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: (613) 995-9364

Please contact your Member of Parliament (Login to, your MP will display in the top Right of the page) and let them know you oppose S-10 or any mandatory minimum sentence for marijuana.

For more information about the bill:…

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