Can Cannabis Hemp Help Solve Poverty, Conflict & Disease in Africa?

December 27, 2009 – This article is an attempt to make an overview of some of the serious Cannabis situations in Africa. With the overwhelming numbers and dimensions of death and dying in Africa, the AIDS, Malaria and other diseases, the political problems, civil wars, smuggling, slave running, environmental disasters, and international interventions, a new approach is needed.
Can Legalization of Cannabis Hemp help solve some of these problems?

Cannabis Hemp has been in widespread cultivation in most regions, cultures, countries and ecosystems over many centuries. It has always been chaotic, but perhaps never quite as much as today. From the famous Hashish Growers of Morrocco in the Northwest, to Sudanese Slave Agriculture, to High Country Deforestation in Kenya, to Smuggling of Diamonds, Guns, Marijuana and Poached Products Trade in Zambia, to various hemp schemes in South Africa, there are serious challenges and great opportunities.

Tens of millions of the sick and dying, the displaced, the hungry, homeless and hurting humanity, hungerwho need better agriculture, secure agriculture, and good cash crops, pastures, grains, oils, materials, building materials, medicinals, and specialty products, could benefit from a new liberalization and legalization of Cannabis Hemp immediately. This would greatly increase agricultural investments, financing, developments and incentives along with a much more level playing field for farmers and people all across Africa. It also has potential to help create a climate of hope, peace and unity so dearly needed.

All the years of anti-Cannabis Hemp repressions have culminated into the narco terrorism, corruption and drug disasters we see today. Whether its collapsing old agricultural systems, land ownership, civil war or refugees, new harder drugs, virtually every situation could benefit from a complete reversal of current laws and policies against Cannabis Hemp.

As seen in Morrocco they have been increasingly dependent on cash flow from Hashish from sales hemp3to EU etc. The King realized that this cannot be supressed without collapsing the country, and inviting civil war, jihad and anarchy to take over as has happened all over Africa. An EU Million Dollar incentive to grow alternative crops was only a drop in the bucket of overall agriculture production there for export, fruits, dates etc. Hemp and Hashish production there has proven much about the benefits of Cannabis to African Culture. The rural culture and Cannabis has survived in Morrocco perhaps better than anywhere in Africa.

But over in Sudan its a completely different situation as Cannabis is grown by the poor captives ofbin-laden the many conflicts in the region. Highlighting this is the story about Bin Laden’s slave trade, marijuana fields and military bases in Sudan. Can this source of funding for terriorists, destablization and threats to world security be curtailed or decreased? Would it involve foreign intervention of a large degree? Or will his gang continue to profit by slave Cannabis agriculture to plunder and terrorize the Sudan and the World?

Meanwhile over 2 Million Christians have been killed and the rest are in serious danger of total slaverystarvation and disease, cut off form outside help and defenseless against the well armed Jihad. When Clinton lifted sanctions against the Kartoum Jihad, and allowed big western oil interests to make new deals, few said anything. The only reaction was when Clinton cruise missiled the Pharmaceutical Factory in retaliation for the Embassy Bombings. This gave the world a tiny glimpse of the magnitude of the Kartoum-Bin Laden Jihad Empire there and the ability of big oil and OPEC to make the US back off. Meanwhile a few Christian Orgs are flying in some supplies to the Christians, but its falling way short of saving the masses. As huge numbers of people have been displaced, lost most livestock and are living in the most inhospitable brush, deserts and scorched earth afraid to even build a hut.

As one heads out across Central Africa, a wide variety of different environmental challenges, riftecosystems, terraigns, climates and agricultural challenges such as savannas, brushy forests, steep midlevel forests, wildlife preserves, and some difficult high country come into view. Each has past, present or future Cannabis Hemp Cultivation. The various populations, cultures and religions play a large role in the distribution of agriculture and Cannabis.

In Kenya there is a good example of how legal Cannabis Hemp could greatly help stop deforestation by allowing its cultivation legally on suitable farmlands, rather than illegally in ecologically sensitive areas (unless specifically for wildlife or reclamation purposes.) Cannabis income can quickly revitalize agriculture in these areas as well, plus significant tourism with better managed lands, increased wildlife, new facilities, and increased political stability.

In areas where other drugs are common, such as Khat in Somalia, and widespread Opiates and Meth, legal cannabis can help people move away from that towards good alternative agriculture. By separating Cannabis from other drugs and criminal activities, a new level of health and prosperity can begin to take shape. The hard drugs are a major source of disease and violence that can be greatly reduced with a revitalized Cannabis Culture.

In Ethiopia, the magnitude of the humanitarian disaster is beyond anything mankind has ever witnessed. An estimated 8 Million people have lost almost everything in the widening drought and environmental diasters. The land has died, it’s a barren red dust bowl, the forests have been burned to the ground, all the brush has been cut for fuel and shelter, livestock ate the last thorny brush and weeds then died. There is no way that so many people can survive another year. With the inability of Ethiopia to defeat Eritrea and gain access to the ports on the Red Sea, the Jihad control of the coast means that these people are doomed. And when the Ethiopians tried to bereak through last year the entire international community and UN came down hard on them and forced them to stop and pull back when victory was in sight. This blatant genocide is beyond ogaden_video_image_nytdescription, and will lead to the largest loss of life since WWII. There is still considerable potential to start to turn things around there with Cannabis and other reclamation projects, to supply much needed soil stability, fodder, fuel, nutrition and medicine. All traditional crops such as corn and millet may not return until the drought ends, Cannabis and other drought and pest tolerant crops and edible weeds could at least help people survive.

The situation in Western Africa is so bad as it descends into almost complete Anarchy, that its now overrun with kids with guns and headed towards Somalialization. There is a virtual free for all running battle between Jihad and Christians, and numerous old rebel rag tag armies and smugglers and slave runners. Restoration of civilization seems to have been disgarded as a viable option at this point. Only a few things remain like Nigerian Oil, the Cocoa Plantations and scattered Diamond mines as the rest has been destroyed. The Anarchy is so widespread that even crops such as Cannabis are difficult to achieve without great risk. Rapidly decreasing potable water supplies, food, medicines and real money is degrading life there at an alarming rate. The Diamond Cartel’s efforts to ban “Blood Diamonds” from Sierra Leone and Angola are not going to make things any better and recent attempts by the British to restore some order have met with heavy armed resistance and failed terribly. Refugees are everywhere, the Congo is disintegrating fast and all civilization in Western Africa is on the brink of collpase worse than Rwanda where a million were killed almost without notice.

In South Africa there are several major hemp projects and illicit marijuana crops already, so making a smooth transition to legalization would enable considerably better farming practices, coordination of development, support and needed infrastructure. It could employ millions in reclamation projects, wildlife and livestock projects, commercial products, oils and fuels and building materials. These projects could make great inroads on the many intractable cycles of war, famine, disease, degradation of the land and cultures, financial and political collapse across Africa. But all we have seen lately is the destruction of poor squatters shacks and widespread unemployment and poverty as real land reform seems impossible under current ANC philosophy. Things are even worse though in neighboring Zimbabwe as Mugabe’s “Kill Whitey” Ranch Siezures have collpased production and turned once prosperous ranches into non functioning squallid squatter encampments and the rest are running the border to get into S.A. and away from this insanity. Tell me where is sanity on this Continent?

But special mention is needed for the vast numbers of the sick and dying, especially AIDS which can be helped with Cannabis in several ways. The latest research in AIDS and use of cannabis in a wide variety of medical cases prooves its great value. The UN’s recent call for AIDS Drugs for Africa and the additional funding that has been arranged will be of much less value and impact wihtout a comprehensive and concurrent improvement in Agriculture, Environment, Peace and Standard of Living which Cannabis Legalization can play a major role in.

The recent plans to arrange for cheaper AIDS drugs will be enhanced by Cannabis and help make this program much more successful. It forms a vital part of the new attitudes and social aspects of these major medical interventions and treatments. The current anti-cannabis conventions of the UN and others, seriously interferes with this new medical plan and should be immediately reconsidered at least for Africa, if not globally. Cannabis could ease the suffering and pain for millions of the poor, starving, dispossessed and unemployed, and for a very low cost and wide spread easy availability.

A resurgence of health and prosperity could also generate a resurgence of hope and faith of all sorts, of renewed culture and resepct for human life so dearly needed in Africa. Cannabis legalization in Africa could create one of the world’s great agricultural and reclamation revitalizations, greatly decrease the many conflicts, and allow many dispossessed to return to pastoral life instead of being forced into overcrowded towns and cities. Africa could have genuine beneficial growth of vast proportions in actual terms and in relative terms with others Continents. Increased prosperity is known to bring the population more into balance and sustainability fairly quickly, but the current criminal chaos and anti-cannabis program is sending the Continent spiraling into total disease, death and destruction.

International trade in Cannabis and Cannabis products could be spectacular and of great variety and creativity. The Billions now generated by illicit activity for the bad guys could be shut off and cash could flow towards accelerating growth in a legal free trade environment, and more importantly, go more to the farmers, good folks and the needy across the board. Better economics and balance of trade can quickly turn things around also. Couple this with substantial debt cancellation based on negotiated milestones, goals and objectives real progress is possible, (rather than a tightening of credit, high interest, austerity and counter productive cannabis law enforcement).

Yes many other crops and new agriculture projects are needed everywhere, but there is no way they can happen without a complete change in policies and attitudes. Cannabis is the main key that an open these doors. Cannabis is uniquely suited to every country, every ecosystem, climate and culture across the continent. It is very widespread already, and accounts for billions in sales, but not for the purposes for which it is most needed. It is not going to be stamped out but it can be turned towards many beneficial uses. This multi-use plant’s versatility can impact all the medical, food, wildlife, livestock and environmental situations and in so doing it can greatly improve the disastrous economic, social and political crises.

A special session of the UN would be needed to even begin to untangle all the legalities, but a straightforward full legalization date would allow for gearing up and planning of all sorts of projects. It should only be a matter of when and not if. The future of Africa and Africans is at stake and along with it the fate of the world’s health, prosperity, peace, and security. Cannabis Culture can be applied across the world to solve the many similar problems billions of people face elsewhere, as described in the articles referenced below about such places as Lebanon, Albania, Siberia etc. where war, poverty and environmental destruction combine to collpase civilization.

The Legalization of Cannabis in Africa is the wise choice, followed by the rest of the world, which will reverse the trend towards collapse, crime, anarchy, destruction and disease. If we can give this real help and hope to save the suffering masses of Africa we can save the rest of the world soon after. Cannabis could create a new climate of cooperation, brotherhood, health, revitalization, peace and prosperity. Source.


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