California Medical Marijuana State of Mind

April 29, 2010 – As emotions over medical marijuana and the locations, and numbers of the dispensaries allowed heats up in every city across the state of California… There is still no greater place to live. In one afternoon a properly documented marijuana patients can visit a marijuana doctor, be evaluated, and with 30 min be on his or her way looking for their new favorite medical cannabis club. Of which there are more than a few to choose from.

I think that the medicinal and the recreational use of Marijuana should be allowed and there are facts that support this idea, such as:

More people die from car accidents while under the influence of alcohol than people under the influence of Marijuana.

Smoking tobacco causes more cancer and diseases than the use of Marijuana Even though Marijuana smokers tend to hold in the smoke longer. Smoking tobacco is legal so what makes weed so much worse?

If the USA were to legalize to recreational use of Marijuana then it would improve our economy. The United States government could tax the buying, selling and trading of pot. The reason why tobacco is legal is just because of all the money that the government gets from taxing it.

If it was legal than there would be less crime. The reason for this is because police try so hard to stop the use of weed but it still happens so the police spends allot of there time trying to catch recreational users of Marijuana. The police should spend there time catching murders and other criminals that are actually doing harm unlike the average pot smoker who’s just having a good time. If the police spent there time trying to convince and illustrate people by the media and magazines that marijuana is harmful is much better than they ambush marijuana smokers, because when you just ambush them with out showing them the side effects or the harm of smoking marijuana, if it is really harmful.

“More than 700,000 Americans were arrested on marijuana charges last year, and more than 5 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana offenses in the past decade. Almost 90 percent of these arrests are for simple possession, not trafficking or sale.” © 2006 NORML

“According to recent statistics provided by the federal government, nearly 80 million Americans admit having smoked marijuana. Of these, twenty million Americans smoked marijuana during the past year. The vast majority of marijuana smokers, like most other Americans, are good citizens who work hard, raise families, pay taxes and contribute in a positive way to their communities. They are certainly not part of the crime problem in this country, and it is terribly unfair to continue to treat them as criminals.” © 2006 NORML

“The majority of epidemiological and animal data demonstrate that the reinforcing properties of marijuana in humans is low in comparison to other drugs of abuse, including alcohol and nicotine. According to the U.S. IOM, fewer than one in 10 marijuana smokers become regular users of the drug, and most voluntary cease their use after 34 years of age. By comparison, 15 percent of alcohol consumers and 32 percent of tobacco smokers exhibit symptoms of drug dependence.” © 2006 NORML In conclusion Marijuana isn’t very addictive in comparison.

There should be a limit to how much Marijuana that a person could carry and they should have to be at least 21. Plus there should be a large fine for anyone under the influence of weed while driving or operating machinery just like the laws on the use of alcohol.  Source.

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