Bring Hemp Farming Back To Its Rightful Place in America

July 16 2009 – Vote Hemp is fighting to move control of industrial hemp farming out of the hands of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and to return the many benefits of hemp to America.Picture 9_2.img_assist_custom-250x164

Growth of the hemp market is fueling the legislative and economic energy that has been evident in 2009. After years of enduring artificial obstacles by the federal government and antiquated laws, the U.S. hemp industry had been stunted and relegated to a small part of the natural products industry. The market, however, is about to explode into a new era for industrial hemp and the natural products industry as a whole. The “green economy” is no longer a radical threat, but a viable alternative which is finally being supported by a U.S. President.

Hemp businesses are becoming a driving force behind the passage of legislation on the state level. During the 2009 legislative session, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont and North Dakota all passed resolutions or memorials urging Congress to allow states to regulate hemp farming, while Maine and Oregon (still to be signed by the Governor) passed laws allowing hemp production. Sixteen states have passed pro-hemp legislation to date, and nine states (Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont and West Virginia) have removed barriers to its production or research. North Dakota has even issued state licenses to would-be hemp farmers for two years running. Please visit Vote Hemp’s Legislation page to learn about the phenomenal rise in hemp legislation this year alone.

Now that we have successful business owners providing testimony in favor of hemp bills and resolutions, legislators are taking notice and lending their support as a result. We hope to be able to take this success on the state level and make it something that our representatives in Congress can not ignore.

Vote Hemp supporters will be lobbying in Washington, DC the day after the HIA Convention in October, which takes place directly after the Green Festival. New this year at the Green Festival will be the HIA Hemp Pavilion, which will be appearing at both the DC and San Francisco events.

Please make a donation to the Vote Hemp General Fund or Farmer Fund today to help us continue to build on our successes this year and bring hemp farming back to its rightful place in America.

By Tom Murphy. Source.

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