Autism, ADD, ADHD and Marijuana Therapy – Can We trust this science ?

June 10th, 2009 – (MOLALLA, Ore.) – It has been known for at least 2,000 years that Marijuana/Cannabis is a psychotropic that affects the brain and central nervous system. (The Scythians) The first western references seem to be that it was a euphoric, in other words a central nervous system stimulant not like cocaine or amphetamines but a gentler pleasant stimulant.

Dr. W.B. O’Shaunessy Medical Marijuana Feb-21-2008) found it to be an anti-convulsant against Tetanus, which may seem to cloud the issue. It is also a good anti-epileptic and centrally acting analgesic even effective for migraines as well as an anti-depressant and anxiolytic.

Dr. Tod Mikuriya has written that it promotes homeostasis or normalization of function in many various systems of the body and also modulates or moderates emotional hyperactivity such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, often known simply as PTSD.

I had heard or read about California marijuana doctors reporting that it was effective for the treatment of ADD and autism. These were single or isolated reports because physicians seemed to be reluctant to even talk about what the U.S. government constantly bleats about a “dangerous addicting drug”, marijuana.

Dr. Mikuriya reported in 2006 in O’Shaunessy marijuana magazine that a 15-year old child was brought to him by his mother. He had been diagnosed with ADD and psychoses and had been given over 30 different kinds of drugs including pulverized kitchen sink, most of which made him combative and worse. He had used marijuana at age 11 with older friends.

It had a calming effect but his use brought police action and three court ordered rehabs which really drove him crazy. His mother found Dr. Mikuriya who prescribed Marinol which worked. A judge would not let him use it, but a second judge did allow it and he got a marijuana permit and smoked it with dramatic improved results.

I decided a search of the Internet was advisable and I typed up marijuana autism with the surprising finding that the Autism Research Institute posted an article by Bernard Rinland Ph.D. Medical Marijuana: a valuable treatment for autism in 2003. The site discussed a letter from a mother of a violently autistic child. A friend suggested a marijuana brownie cookie which in the words of the mother “saved my child’s life and my family’s life.”

The article continues to state that many parents in the same situation have reported marked success.

A second article from the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) in 2002 written by Jay R. Cavanaugh Ph.D. titled Medical Cannabis and Brain Disorders reported effective use as follows: Bipolar disease (81 patients or 20%) ADHD/ADD (53 patients or 13%) Multiple Sclerosis (32 patients or 8%) and neuropathy (35 patients or 9%).

Other interesting findings were PTSD (30 patients at 7%) and obsessive compulsive disorder (2.4 or 6%). They also reported successful treatment of Tourettes, Parkinson’s, and Autism (10 patients or 2%)

It is time we got our medical dinosaurs M.D.S. out of the closet and educated to the marvelous benefits of this safe effective NEW-OLD medicine.


3 responses to “Autism, ADD, ADHD and Marijuana Therapy – Can We trust this science ?”

  1. Completely agree with you. This is a great article, and I think that marijuana does a lot of good for many illnesses and disorders that we haven’t even discovered yet. The other problem is that it’s hard for researchers to get money to research marijuana IF they’re going to publish positive results. The media and the government want to make sure that not too many of those studies come out, so they give most of the resources to studies that are going to conclude that marijuana is bad. Darn shame.

  2. I totally agree also, The Gvt goes out of their way to fight anyone that claims it`s benefits and with all the money that drug corporations bring in,How much they donate to Political Action and how much they stand to lose on a medicine that can be grown virtually anywhere, It is a vast web of deceit rooted in the fight against Hemp and it`s Legalization which has NO Drug value to protect other Corporate interests where a vast amount of products can be made without Foreign oil,Chemical processing and herbicides.
    Did you ever wonder why that every time Hemp legalization comes into the spotlight we then see the media attention being diverted to another “More Important” Subject or we get flooded with Drug War violence reports and False Anti-Drug propaganda, Wake up people If it is not “ALL” Truth then it is a LIE!!
    If you decide recreational use is for you, Make sure you are responsible with it,DON`T get stupid and become a poster child for the False propaganda machine.

    Rant Over!!

  3. What a shame that a child who could be treated for ADD and/or autism is not allowed because of political implications. How about the whole Oxycontin scam and Dr’s prescribing this strong narcotic, getting people addicted, and in turn raising its value on the streets? Hasn’t the use of heroin gone up in states that tested Oxycontin? Talk about a racket. Let’s get our priorities straight. Keep fighting for our children!


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