Aurora Cannabis to make Strategic Investment in HempCo

July 31, 2017 /CNW/ – Aurora Cannabis Inc.  announced that it will make a strategic investment in Hempco for an ownership stake of up to 19.9% on a fully diluted basis, subject to applicable regulatory approvals.

Hempco is one of the world’s largest producers of industrial hemp products, and currently offers three primary product lines: (1) bulk and packaged food products (e.g. hemp protein powder, hemp seed nut/ hearts, and hemp seed oil etc.); (2) hemp fibre; and (3) functional food/nutraceuticals. Hempco’s line of consumer packaged goods (CPG are sold under the brand “PLANETHEMP,” and Hempco products are distributed in seven countries.


Should regulations change to allow for extraction of CBD from hemp, Hempco has agreed to provide Aurora right of first refusal to purchase all of the industrial hemp flowers and leaves that Hempco can acquire for extraction of CBD. Any material that Aurora does not purchase under the right of first refusal may be sold to a third party, but Hempco will not extract CBD from this material itself, unless authorized by Aurora to do so.

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