Arizona > Poll finds readers support, by big margin, legal marijuana

Tucson, Arizona – 05.25.2009

Star readers who responded to last week’s online poll were overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. Most readers, 70 percent, also said legalizing the drug would significantly decrease marijuana-related drug trafficking and violence.

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At least 600 people took part in the unscientific poll, which was inspired by the launch of an initiative campaign to again legalize medical marijuana in Arizona. We also asked readers, “What impacts, good or bad, do you foresee if marijuana is legalized or remains illegal?” Here is what some of them had to say:

• The decrease in crime would be significant. Junk-food sales would increase. We could fund health care with marijuana-tax revenues.

• Legalization for recreational purposes would just lead to the continuous degradation of the moral values that have made this such a great nation.

• Legalization of marijuana would allow manpower, resources and our tax money to combat the hard drug trade in meth, heroin and cocaine.

• Legalization would significantly reduce the prison population and provide a much needed medical option to the sick.


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