Aphria Affirms Commitment to Producing 100% Pesticide Free

March 8th, 2017 – In light of recent media coverage, Aphria Inc. (“Aphria” or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE:APH)(OTCQB:APHQF) today issued the following statement with respect to its ongoing commitment to providing pharmaceutical-grade cannabis that is free of chemical pesticides.

Vic Neufeld, Chief Executive Officer of Aphria, said, “Aphria has always held itself to the highest standards when it comes to the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. As part of this, we made a strategic investment in a state-of-the-art greenhouse in Leamington, Ontario, which enables us to produce medical cannabis that meets our exacting standards of quality, consistency, and safety.”

“Aphria is committed to product integrity through every step of the growing process. We make our own fertilizer, which significantly reduces the risk of unwanted chemicals that can be found in ‘pre-mixed’ fertilizers. Additionally, we do not use chemical pesticides in the production of medical cannabis; we only use biological controls in the Leamington greenhouse. To be clear, Aphria has never supported the use of Myclobutanil.”

“Since Aphria was founded, we have enforced a strict Quality Management Program that continuously tests for pesticides, including Myclobutanil. We closely monitor all suppliers to ensure that any products used meet or exceed the minimum standards set to comply with Health Canada’s regulations. As we noted in December, we support the use of independent evaluations and testing of medical cannabis as a necessary measure to protect the safety of Canadians.”

“In all, Aphria has adopted pharmaceutical-grade quality assurance and quality control processes, many of which are over and above what is required by Health Canada. We recognize that patients rely on a safe and high quality product to meet their medical needs and it is critically important that all products sold through the ACMPR adhere to the strict guidelines established by Health Canada to ensure that their needs are met.”

“Aphria management has over 35 years of experience in agriculture and 20 years in the pharmaceutical space, we don’t need to rely on chemicals because we know how to grow naturally.”

About Aphria

Aphria Inc., one of Canada’s lowest cost producers, produces, supplies and sells medical cannabis. Located in Leamington, Ontario, the greenhouse capital of Canada. Aphria is truly powered by sunlight, allowing for the most natural growing conditions available. We are committed to providing pharma-grade medical cannabis, superior patient care while balancing patient economics and returns to shareholders. We are the first public licensed producer to report positive cash flow from operations and the first to report positive earnings in consecutive quarters. For more information, visit www.Aphria.com.

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