And You Thought They Were Going to Legalize Marijuana…NOT!

September 29, 2009 – The National Institute of Drug Abuse has set aside $3,000,000 to “support 3KIkHdresearch studies that focus on the identification, and preclinical and clinical evaluation, of medications that can be safe and effective for the treatment of cannabis-use and cannabis-induced DISORDERS, as well as their medical and psychiatric consequences.”

They state “Cannabis-related disorders (CRDs) including cannabis abuse or dependence and cannabis induced disorders (e.g., intoxication, delirium, psychotic disorder, and anxiety disorder) are a major public health issue. Cannabis use includes marijuana, hashish, and other tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) containing substances.”

Looks like they are going to spend 3 million dollars creating a drug to heal the DISORDERS created by the best drug the planet ever gave us. It seems we have to keep Big Pharma happy…at whatever cost, and that means we need to turn cannabis use into a major public health issue. Source

Once again, NOT the change people voted for.

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2 responses to “And You Thought They Were Going to Legalize Marijuana…NOT!”

  1. It’s all about tax dollars! Government officials get millions of dollars each year to fight their war on drugs. If the most popular drug was legalized they would have to severely cut funding. They are fighting for the money they feel they are “Entitled” to.

  2. Yes OUR tax dollars, Why are WE paying THEM to chase something that has never been proven to exist,(cannabis-induced DISORDERS)? Make their funding come from PRIVATE sources that would demand some accountability,It would then be obvious WHO wants it to remain illegal and for what “Real” reason,Then see how willing they are to push all the false propaganda.
    Thank you Hemp News,Cannabis News and Marijuana Policy Project for giving us all a place to voice our Experience and Opinions regarding Cannabis.

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