Advanced Nutrients CEO Vies for “King of Instagram” Status

September 3rd, 2015 -Meet Michael Straumietis, the self-proclaimed ‘Marijuana Don’ of Instagram.  When he’s not running Advanced Nutrients, the hydroponic chemical fertilizer company he founded in Canada, he spends his time on Instagram entertaining us with constant streams of photos showing nearly nude models, private jets, fast cars . . . oh and weed.

He wonders among marijuana plants that are big enough for him to hide in 

He wonders among marijuana plants

Many of his Instagrame shots show him partying on a private jet on his way to different events 

Big Mike lowers a cannabis 'bud' towards his mouth. As state relax marijuana legislation, more people are flaunting their use and manufacture on social media 

A fleet of Cadillac SUVs and a private jet are seen parked on the tarmac before one of Big Mike's journeys

One of the members of his female entourage walks between the cannabis plants in a bikini 

Straumietis is seen attending an event known as the cannabis cup with six women by his side 

A plate of marijuana is placed on a table as Big Mike sits down for a meal on his private jet 

Wearing cocktail dresses, Straumietis appears to be attending a more high-profile function with his harem 

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