A Overview of the MERP Model for Marijuana Re-Legalization

February 12, 2009 – Re-Legalize Marijuana Now, Obama (1)

The time has come for the People of Planet Earth to rise up and demand the Re-Legalization of Marijuana.

My name is Bruce Cain and I am the current editor of the website “New Age Citizen.” I am an expert on drug policy issues and used to be known as “Professor Hemp” during my tenure as editor of the nationally distributed magazine: New Age Patriot which was published from 1989 through 1997.

This is the first, in a series, of discussions focusing on how we are going to go about Re-Legalizing Marijuana in the United States and throughout the planet.

In the weeks between the election and the inauguration President Obama created the change.gov website in order to gather policy recommendation from the American People. To Obama’s surprise the most recommended “change,” from the American People was to Re-Legalize Marijuana for both medical and personal use.

And how did President Obama respond to “We the American People?” He flatly rejected the will of the American People by stating:

“I am not going to Legalize Marijuana.”

Next, merely days after he was inaugurated he allowed the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration to raid multiple Medical Grow Operations in California and other states where the people passed initiatives to allow the Medicinal use of Marijuana. This was a blatant betrayal of his campaign promise to stop the DEA raids on “Medical Grow Operations.”

Well, President Obama, we are no longer going to tolerate your dismissive “Yes We Can’t” on Marijuana Re-Legalization. It is no longer “Yes We Can’t” unless it serves the interests of the Global Elite whom I believe you represent. From now on our battle cry will be “We Demand” that you Re-Legalize Marijuana.. We aren’t taking “no” for an answer any longer. Frankly 70 years of Marijuana Prohibition is 70 years too long. Full article here.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=japj6qctSmk&feature=player_embedded]

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