Medical Marijuana Activist of the Week: Diane Irwin

Diane & Jason Irwin

March 13, 2010 – CNN calls Diane Irwin “the new face of marijuana.” She’s the mom in the mother and son pot-growing team based out of Colorado, where they run the Highland Health dispensary. “I believe marijuana can save the world,” Irwin told the news network, who featured her and Jason (left) twice this week.

In the first report, Irwin insisted, “You’ve got to put (marijuana) on the table. It should be a dinner-table conversation.”

In the second report, Irwin exclaimed, “It time for a change in our country. This is ridiculous. I say shame on the American people right now for not getting involved and educating themselves and looking at the possibilities of what medical marijuana and hemp can do to change our country, truly.”

A hairdresser by trade, Irwin sold her beauty salon last year and invested $10,000 in the grow operation and dispensary.

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